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I have known Roger Plageman for about 5 years. He has done projects for some of my clients. People were pleased with his work. He has also done work at my own home. He as also brought a few clients to me. I have always found Roger to be a responsible and mature person. He is a reasonable guy and is easy to work with. His carpentry skills are excellent and he understands the overall process of residential renovations - trades and timing in particular. He works hard, asks the right questions and solves the right problems. I think he would make an excellent project manager for a residential project of any size.


In 2000 Roger handled the gutting and rebuilding of our house on 15 Chestnut Park. It was a large job with many trades involved. We had it on a very tight time frame so getting everyone co-ordinated and each task completed required choreography and then real effort. We moved in about 6 months after we purchased the house and while not everything was finished, we were able to live there. 10 years later and watching our neighbours struggle through years for less, we realise what an accomplishment that was.

10 years later, the work still stands up and Roger is still helping us, with a new terrace, french windows and all the ongoing repairs of a big old house. We trust him completely, not only with our property but to do the job right, quickly, and at a fair price.



At all times we found him to be an honest, trustworthy, skilled, experienced, hardworking and reliable individual, and a pleasure to deal with. Not to mention that he's easy to work with! A final product that exceeded my expectations. He is not only a contractor.... He's an artist!

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